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Maintenance Technician

Laurens, IA

As a maintenance tech at Bobalee you will conduct preventative maintenance, general and electrical maintenance on CNC
machines, Milling equipment, and all other industrial equipment!

Job Requirements

1. Sufficient reading and writing ability to follow work order instructions and prepare production reports.
2. Close attention and care are required to prevent damage to precision hand tools and equipment.
3. Sufficient visual acuity (corrected) to read instructions, operate machines, and visually inspect machines.
4. Job involves lifting, reaching, and working on concrete floors.
5. High School or equivalent school education.
6. Have the ability to fulfill job duties, training and performance requirements as defined in Company & Quality Assurance policy, training, and procedures.


Status: Full Time

Salary: $57,200 – $80,000 Per Year

Category: Installation/Maintenance/Repair

Occuaption: General/Other: Installation/Maintenance/Repair

Industry: Manufacturing - Other