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Sheldon, IA

Executive Assistant


Job Status:  Full time

Reports to:  Rob Roozeboom, Founder & President       Updated:  August 2022


Primary Objectives of Position 

Provide administrative and support services to the Founder and President of RISE Ministries.


Core Competencies: 

  • Well organized and able to coordinate several tasks simultaneously, with great attention to detail.
  • Proficient in Google calendar, Google docs, Numbers (Excel), and Pages (Word).
  • Professional communication and demeanor in person, on the telephone and in written communication.
  • Cares deeply about helping employer move through the day by being available and removing obstacles.
  • Ability to lift up to 180lbs to move employer from wheelchair to standing position, car to wheelchair, etc.
  • Positive attitude and demeanor.
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing environment, observant of surroundings.
  • Follower of Jesus Christ and in agreement with Rise Ministries Statement of faith.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Administration
    • Maintain calendars and schedule appointments ensuring all details are set for the President.
    • Coordinate all travel and hotel arrangements and prepare itineraries.
    • Handle all requests for information and requests for speaking engagements.
    • Schedule meetings, follow ups, transcribe notes, and send appropriate summaries.
    • Keep all necessary informational and promotional documents prepared and stocked.
    • Problem solve and strategize to better streamline communication and organizational processes to keep the President connected to the Team.


  • Personal Care Assistance
    • Actively think through and anticipate Rob’s needs to establish an seamless working environment for the day to day needs for Rob.
    • Handle any and all dietary needs for good health.
    • Ensure vehicle and path to vehicle is prepared and ready for Rob.
    • Work with Executive Assistant (if applicable) to know Rob’s schedule and help keep him on track and ready for what the day holds.


  • Public Relations
    • Work closely with President on engagement schedule and travel.
    • Schedule meetings and follow up with outside organizations, churches, and consulting firms to aide in the growth of Rob’s platform as a national speaker.
    • Work with publishing company on meeting scheduling and deliverables for Rob’s book.


  • Organizational Responsibilities
    • A follower of Jesus Christ and in agreement with the RISE Statement of Faith, mission and values.
    • Develop strong relationships and work in cooperation with other RISE team members.
    • Professional demeanor and approach and behavior consistent with the standards contained in RISE manuals where applicable (i.e. Employee Manual, Financial Management Policy, etc.).


  • Other Responsibilities
    • Engage in personal and team development opportunities presented by RISE Leadership.
    • Follow all policies and procedures outlined in RISE manuals.
    • Engagement with the RISE vision, mission and values.
    • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President.

Status: Full Time

Category: Administrative/Clerical

Occuaption: Administrative/Clerical Occupation *

Industry: Nonprofit Charitable Organizations